Rafa Mota


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Saturday 30 | 10:30 am Love room

80 minutes


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"Alchemy. The art of transforming you by breathing"


Alchemy is a workshop for transforming your view and seeing LIFE radically differently.


A workshop that will provide you with a clear methodology to initiate a personal transformation process. It will give you some concrete guidelines and feelings so that, during the day, you can enter mind-body-emotion and energy and freedom, little by little, of all these automatic unconscious mechanisms that keep you in reaction and compulsion and prevent you from a full life.

¿What you will get?

The intention of this workshop is for people to radically change the way they look at themselves and at the world, as the internal structure changes so much, they can understand why their reactions and their powerful tools to start a path have awakened their awareness. 

Rafa Mota studied economics, preferred philosophy, and lived for more than twenty years in the world of business, stress and money without finding that "happiness" that he sought and expected so much. That is why in order to continue growing, he had a millionaire investment, which was supposed to be the great "hit" of his life.


After a monumental calculation error, the opposite happened. In fact, it was a squad. But all over a thousand pieces. There has been an important economic, financial, personal and existential crisis.

Despite having lost everything, he continued to breathe and LIFE began to shine as he never did.

That is why he say that he takes care of one thing: the great secret of life is neither to do, nor to have, nor to seek ... is to BE. This is the basis of personal success.

If so, he has discovered an inner world, which he haven't realized before, which is where the true magic of life and the true potential of the human being reside.

redes_Mesa de trabajo 1.png


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