"I love you but I'm happy

without you"

Papa Jaime



Being a geophysical and petroleum engineer, Jaime Jaramillo understood what his life purpose would be in 1973, witnessing a car accident, in which a homeless girl loses her life going after a toy box. From that event he decided to direct efforts towards the consolidation of the Children of the Andes Foundation, an entity that has helped 85,000 children from the streets and sewers of the city of Bogotá.


His other name "Papa Jaime", comes from the place he occupies in the heart of the people he sponsors and that he once found in misery and in subhuman conditions. Many of them, immersed in alcoholism, drug addiction and depression, totally recovered, rejoining society from various successful professions.


The dream of touching and awakening hearts throughout the world, led Jaramillo to create the Papá Jaime Leadership organization, from where he gives lectures, workshops and seminars aimed at those who want to rediscover their lives to free themselves from suffering, fears and find love in what they do and so, leave a mark. Presidents, opinion leaders, businessmen, young people and children from all over the world are looking for him day by day to receive from Dad Jaime a light to awaken their hearts.


"What we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others, perpetuates and becomes immortal."

Jaime Jaramillo was born with the service in his veins. As a child, he planted coffee in his land to help the peasants with the sales he obtained from it. The call to help others sprang up with the naked eye and would lead him to spend more than 40 years of his life rescuing children from the sewers and from the street, taking them from darkness to light. His dream of seeing them transformed into better human beings was the source of inspiration for each of these beings in order to fulfill their dreams. He had the vision of what no one else would see: touching the hearts of more than 85,000 children who opened up a new path waking up their true essence, when they were embraced by the unconditional love of who sponsored them and who would become for them "Dad Jaime," the father who

they never had.


The news about a man in boots walking through the sewage of the sewers of Bogotá did not wait to be spread. It was an unusual scenario for a country where the marginalized were the daily bread in the 80s. He saw life through the own eyes of those who rescued from oblivion and abandonment. The exit from the streets was only the first step towards what would be a true liberation without precedents. The children, the elderly, the sick and the disabled regained hope and their dreams with the permanent accompaniment of this father who has not rested until he saw them grow, transcend, leave their mark and fly very high. The transformation of millions of lives in the world. Its slogan is that we should rediscover life, finding inner peace, love and joy in our hearts, fulfill our dreams and inspire others to serve lovingly and unconditionally. His legacy is present in his universal message, which he imparts through lectures, workshops, retreats and useful tools such as books and CDs.

"For the whole world we are totally unknown, but for the human being to whom you give your hand, your guide, your love, you are his world. ”

In addition to the programs, Jaime Jaramillo developed a methodology that emerged from the experience of the experiences with the children who lived in the streets and sewers in their quest to get them out of the darkness into the light.


The common denominator of these cases were the limiting barriers in their belief system that prevented these children from taking a step towards their new life. In this laboratory of "Doing to discover the Self", their countless makers of their own destiny were woven, who were the evidence of a process that years later would be structured in Spiritual Regeneration.  


Spiritual Regeneration is the synthesis of more than 40 years of a process of human immersion that achieves transformation so that people act from love and not from fear; finding happiness on its way to awakening inside. Taking into account that each human being is a different universe, this methodology is designed to be adapted to the personal and business process in a unique way.  


It has been implemented to be taught by Papá Jaime's certified team or by himself through modular workshops that adapt to each specific requirement Spiritual Regeneration is designed to be applied to people and different interest groups that have as a common purpose to prioritize the evolution of BEING, conceiving it as the main axis of an organization to create a social and business family impact in the world.


1. Institution: IDB Group One- World Quality Commitment Award in Diamond Category. Madrid Spain. 2019 year.

2. Institution: Modern Cloister - World Peace Ambassador Award. Mexico City, 2019

3. Institution: UCIME. University Center of the City of Mexico-Doctor Honoris

Causa Award. 2019

4. Institution: National Chamber of Women - Medal Award to the professional excellence Mexico City. 2019 year.

5. Institution: Orcodee- Educa Award Recognition in honor to the educational quality. Veracruz Mexico. 2019 year.


"I love you but I am happy without you"  


Jaime Jaramillo's presentation will be based on the best-seller of the same name. It consists of waking us from our state of unconsciousness.

Many come asleep without knowing it, and conceive of attachment as something natural until they understand that it is created by the mind, it feeds on fear and is responsible for most of the pain and suffering. Through creative visualization, meditation and loving service, participants will be able to return to the depth of their interior, the only place where the world is experienced without fear, without attachments and true love is understood, managing to find an authentic peace and durable.  




Understanding the attachment

"Who lives in the world of attachment, closes the doors of paradise and opens

those of hell."

The awakening, a simple spiritual solution.

"Some people live as if they were never going to die and die as if they had never lived."


The magic of spirituality

"There is only love in the here and now."


Flying with borrowed wings.

"The problem is to believe that we are awake, when in reality we are asleep

and unconscious."


Opening the wings to a new liberating dimension.

"Freedom is the result of self-knowledge and self-evaluation."


Towards a higher consciousness.

"As you deepen your consciousness, you will free yourself until you achieve total inner peace."  




Participants achieve:


Free from attachments.

Learn to identify your fears and to live without them.

Experience true love.

Embrace forgiveness in their lives.

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