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Sunday 31 | 11:30 a.m. Love room

80 minutes




* All workshops have a very limited capacity and will have to be reserved with a minimum of 15 days prior to the congress.

* This program may be subject to last minute changes due to the agendas of the speakers and external reasons outside the organization.

* Any possible change will be notified to all our users and buyers, via mail and RRSS.

"Return to basic"


Grow, transcend and leave your mark.  


"Value in time the little things that God and life gives you, since tomorrow may be too late to understand that those little things were the biggest, and perhaps you have already lost them."

What are you looking for?  


The experience of Papa Jaime working with thousands of human beings in the transformation of being for more than 40 years, is implemented in this experience that makes the participants rediscover their inner strength in order to be able to lead themselves, grow, transcend and leave traces. Then they manage to inspire, lead others and work in teams efficiently and creatively to achieve the goals.

What is it?  


Based on the book of Papa Jaime that bears the same name, "Back to the Basics", it is an invitation to wake up to life and the present moment, it is a trip that the participants take from the mind to the heart, inspired by the experience of life of people and children who achieved a true transformation and today are examples of life.  


Those who go through this experience are deeply touched and driven to action. They become axes of leadership within their community or their environment.

What will you get?  


  • Promote the leadership process in yourselves to inspire and lead others.

  • Know how to identify negative thoughts and emotions and understand their proper management.

  • Reduce the stress and fear that affects your family and work performance.

  • Value and appreciate every moment of life thanking for what it gives you.

  • Reflect on giving new meaning and meaning to your lives.

  • Learn to love what you do and do what you love, which leads you to experience a sense of gratitude and belonging to the company.

  • Improve interpersonal relationships, impacting on your best organizational climate.

  • Wake up the inner wizard who has been asleep, inspiring you to action.

  • Catalyze your dreams and clear goals to create life projects that will make you happy.

  • Be inspired to serve from the heart and give selflessly.



  • The management of positive thinking
    "Not even your worst enemies can harm you as much as your own thoughts."
    By changing the way she thinks, a person's life instantly changes.

  • The power of the word love
    "It is not what enters through the mouth that pollutes, but what comes out of it."
    When we become able to listen for others speaking and to speak to be heard, communication acquires a new dimension.

  • Release of judgments.
    "No matter what they say about you, the important thing is what you tell yourself at each sunrise."
    By leaving aside criticism and prosecution, emotional burdens are released and relationships with others and the environment improve.

  • Break the chains that bind us.
    "Every effort to try to hold on to something or someone weakens us."
    When fear is faced, it is a coward who disappears and the joy of living can be recovered.

  • Heal the wounds of the soul
    "To forgive is not to forget, it is simply to remember without pain or resentment."
    Forgiveness is a divine we give to ourselves, it liberates and makes inner peace recover, because peace dwells in the heart of each person.

  • Put wings to the imagination.
    "Never, never, never never stop dreaming."
    When you have a clear dream and you consign yourself to faith, passion and love, your dreams come true.

  • The importance of giving without waiting to receive. "There is no one so poor that he cannot give, nor so rich that cannot receive."
    Serving lovingly and without expectation, connects with the divine essence of who serves and makes it grow, transcend and leave a mark.

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