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Sunday 31 | 5:00 p.m. Love room

80 minutos


Paco Alarcón Kahan


"The Master Keys of quantum reality"


In this workshop Kahan will present the vision of a quantum reality and how to integrate it into your life. It will give some of the most powerful keys to living a quantum reality and quantum prosperity to take your life to the next level.


Concepts such as Introduction to Quantum Reality will be handled, the universe is abundance, in the Universe there is no crisis, because in your life if there is, an extraordinary life requires an extraordinary new connection, keys to quantum reality: An infinite life, change of mental software to a quantum software, to become a quantum human, how to live a quantum life, activation connection with the quantum field.

What will you get?

Change people's ordinary reality to a reality of unlimited happy prosperity, with real changes in the person and in his life. Practical applications of how to live a connected and functioning quantum life.


"Everything you want to do in your 3d agenda will work when you first make your quantum agenda. Then the light will fight for you"


Vocational training: Dorset University England Marketing and Advertising Department. Computer programming in Dorset England's technological development school. International Management school in Dorset England. Researcher in various spiritual and personal development currents in East and West. Worked with Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra. Studies Metaphysics, Astrology, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Oriental methods of meditation. Tai Chi Kung Fu instructor. Course of Miracles.


“I was as shocked to experience myself as everything at once. I knew that state is my truth and everyone's. There is no disappearance at the end of this life. There is a reality that is there that shows us that we are unlimited beings and that we are only perceiving an illusion, like a temporary amnesia from which we can wake up by connecting beyond the limited personality. ”  


Kahan composes and gives concerts of symphonic music of high vibration, in ancient churches and auditoriums around the world. With these events it creates a new vibration of light and peace for humanity. He regularly appears in the media worldwide, TV Radio Prensa, offering interviews. He travels constantly giving lectures and courses all over the world.


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