Marta Puig


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Sunday 31 | 6:30 p.m. Love room

80 minutes


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"See, feel and experience the aura and vital energy"


Feeling the subtle energy, the aura and being able to see gives us the freedom and the power to know what happens in the subtle world, the energy world, and in this workshop we want to offer you the opportunity to bring you practical tools that will allow you to take your inner power with awareness and integrity, developing your autonomy and independence.


What will you get?


I would love for people to have the opportunity to feel and see the subtle energy of the environment and of themselves so that they can begin to order many of the subtle sensations they have. And if you like what we share you have the option to study in our Virtual Campus.


In this Workshop of Feeling and Seeing the Aura and subtle energy we want to provide practical tools so that you begin to order all your sensibilities and you can understand how works the world of energy that is so much dealt with.


I am Marta Puig, and for more than 20 years I have dedicated myself to accompanying people in their awakening of subtle consciousness and taking the reins of their lives without giving power to anything or anyone, always from autonomy and independence, because in this world if we all took our power we would achieve the change we want to see in the world.


At 21, I suffered a serious accident that left me paralyzed half-body, at that time, against the doctors who believed that I would not recover, I started with all the techniques I knew, especially Conscious Breathing and taking Consciousness of subtle energy in my system. Seeing that I was recovering, I took the strength to teach the world what it did to me, taking a turn in my life, I began to give form to the Pranic World. A space of personal and spiritual growth for modern life, where freedom, autonomy and empowerment of people is our flag.


I studied Business Administration and Management at the UOC and Psychology at the UAB, I did not graduate because I did not believe in the cognitive behavioral method on which the UAB clinical techniques were based, which prompted me to look for other more holistic ways to the psychological work of the people who came to me, complementing with other professionals in the medical field.

redes_Mesa de trabajo 1.png


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