Lorena Martín


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Sunday 31 | 10:00 h Consciousness Room

80 minutos


"How to adapt to the new energy"


With this workshop you will learn and value how important is self-knowledge about ourself and how important is the management of the mind and especially the old patterns that we drag and make us generate attitudes that disagree with what we seek.


What will you get?  

  • Achieve an acceptance of what we are already part of.  

  • Have the self-control of our psyche.


"As nothing is coincidence, but a causality instead, the fact that you have reached me, means that you are already in the next process of frequency elevation and with it comes the knowledge from your whole multidimensional body. Physical body, energy body, emotional body and mental body. For all my experience and for hundreds of people who have passed through me, today it is already a fact that my methodology is a very important information when it comes to the next frequency level. For this, I recommend a follow-up, from which the physical body is increasing in frequency and empowering itself in such a way that it is difficult to boycott us with programs in our psyche, making the healings are quantum and have an impact on all the lines of the time, densities, contemporary, simultaneous, past and future parallel lives. "


Lorena is a counselor of metaphysical knowledge related to the awakening of consciousness, researcher of the development of the human psyche deprogramming behavior patterns, modifying DNA through applied techniques and expert in empowering the person to be in their best version.


"I finally understood during my life that I need others to be well, to laugh, to be satisfied with themselves, to live, be happy, love and love each other and above all to take advantage of every second of life, for time never sorry and every minute that passes is one less we have left to live. "

redes_Mesa de trabajo 1.png


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