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Saturday 30 | 7:00 p.m. Love room

80 minutes


Claudia Vignatti


"Connect with your essence through your inner child"


The inner child is a tool used in psychology to be able to transmute emotions that you keep inside. The inner child is you as a child and, when you connect with him, you are connecting with your emotional side. The inner child shows you the way you are inside and gives you answers. It is transparent like any other child. It is a way that I, Claudia, have used to heal parts of my being and thus give birth to certain emotions that I had repressed.


In this workshop we will talk about the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian technique and the Inner Child’s tool, included in the Hawaiian technique. There will be a meditation to be able to access the Inner Child that represents all your emotional (subconscious) part.

What will you get?


  • Connect with yourself to heal.

  • Increase vibration through meditations.

  • Release repressed feelings.

  • End with the duality mind vs. heart.

Understanding your mind and learning to manage emotions is essential to live a more satisfying life. When you connect with the Inner Child (subconscious) you connect with your emotional side and you can let go of all repressed emotions to free yourself from all that weighs on you.


Claudia Vignatti (Barcelona, ​​1988). After studying chemistry, he devoted herself to the world of research period in which he entered into an existential crisis. It was in that moment that she began to enter the world of personal growth and Hawaiian ancestral technique, Ho'oponopono where he found the tool of Inner child. When he found the answers he was looking for, he had the need to write everything that had served her so much to create the content he would have liked to have in his day. In 2017 she created the Instagram account @hoponoponolover where she explains her philosophy of life that has led her to live in abundance. Without expecting anything and sharing from love, the community began to grow exponentially forming a community of more than 500,000 women before the age of 3 years since its creation.  


Their life purpose is to inspire, motivate and accompany women to reach their maximum version through online conferences and courses.


Claudia says that it is essential for her to be part of the community Hoponoponolover because it is a daily reminder of how you want to live your life and thus get what you want, in addition to the importance of surrounding yourself with people that vibrate just like you.

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* This program may be subject to last minute changes due to the agendas of the speakers and external reasons outside the organization.

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