Conditions of the Sale of Tickets to The Love & Consciousness Conference​

  1. Website and Organizer.- www.amorconsciencia.com is a website owned by WE ARE LOVE S.L., which in turn is the company organizing the event called: "The Love & Consciousness Conference".

  2. Purpose and legal regime.- The acquisition of the ticket through this website, or through the channels and points of sale authorized by this same site, grants the right to the buyer / acquirer / user to attend the event called “The Love & Consciousness Conference ”on the day, place and time established in the Purchase Ticket, and under the conditions added thereto. The law applicable to this contract is that of the Kingdom of Spain, and they are governed by the rights and obligations established in the contract of sale established in the Spanish Civil Code.


  3. The Contracting Parties.- On the one hand there is the buyer / acquirer / user, who can be a natural or legal person, who through this website or through the channels or points of sales that are authorized by it, buys the ticket to attend the event "The Love & Consciousness Conference"; and on the other, WE ARE LOVE S.L., merchant organizer of the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference”, identified with CIF B67053173, with registered office at Carrer Ortigosa num. 14 floor 2 door 1 office 4, 08003 Barcelona, ​​registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in Volume 46044, Folio 215, Sheet 507695, 1st Registration, who is in turn the one that sells the ticket for the mentioned congress and who organizes or is forced to perform the same.

  4. Proof of purchase.- When the user / acquirer purchases the ticket for the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference”, through this website or through the channels or points of sale that authorize the same website, they receive the most as soon as possible a ticket or proof of purchase, which indicates the type of ticket you have purchased, and which is in turn the only document that accredits the right to attend the event, which must be delivered when accessing the premises of the enclosure together with the identity document of the person who acquires it. In the case of acquiring more than one ticket under the same purchase procedure, and in order to carry out an organizational control of the event, it is necessary to send an email to info@amorconsciencia.com and identify the people who will attend the event. In such a case, remember that it can only be done up to 05 business days from the start of the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference”.


  5. Improvement of the sale and purchase.- Through this website, WE ARE LOVE S.L. offers the public the possibility of attending the event "The Love & Consciousness Conference" on the day and place determined for each edition; and it is only when the interested party - whether natural or legal person - pays the amount of or the tickets through this website or through the channels or sales points authorized by it, that this contract is perfected, displaying this mode all its legal effects.

  6. Obligations of the Producer / Organizer of the Event.- WE ARE LOVE S.L. As the organizing company of the event called "The Love & Consciousness Conference", it is obliged - once the aforementioned sale is perfected - that the user can access the facilities of the venue where the indicated event will be held, assigning the location described in the ticket purchase on the days and times previously established, and under the descriptions that have been reviewed. The obligation of WE ARE LOVE S.L. in this case, it only covers the user to enjoy and enjoy the benefits indicated on the ticket, so it is the user who must pay for the trip and provide diligently to appear within the hours described in the purchase ticket. For the interest of all attendees, WE ARE LOVE S.L. reserves the right not to allow those users / purchasers / buyers access to the facilities where the congress will be held, if this prevents the normal development of production; and may, as far as possible, allow access within hours outside of those allowed on the ticket, but always, within the breaks and intermissions of the papers.

  7. Obligations of the spectator / assistant.- The purchaser / buyer / user who acquires the entrance to the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference” through this website or through the channels or points of sale authorized by it, is obliged to the following terms:

  8. Pay the amount in cash of the tickets at the points of sales authorized by this website, the buyer being unable to subsequently roll back the operation or request its return. Once the sale is perfected there is no right of withdrawal, as the company has already launched the executions necessary for the event.

  9. The buyer must appear personally at the doors of the congress facilities on the day and time determined on the purchase ticket. You must access it along with the purchase ticket and the personal identity document.

  10. If, for reasons beyond the control of the purchaser, it does not arrive at the time established in the ticket, the buyer may access it within the rest intervals established in the programming brochure.

  11. The purchaser / buyer / user / spectator / assistant undertakes not to generate any disturbance, disturbance or conflict situation, within the facilities at the beginning, during the development, or even after the congress, committing to leave it once it has finished and in the event of being required by the event or organization staff, and / or authorized personnel of the premises. The organization reserves the right to deny access to those buyers who encounter symptoms of having used drugs or alcohol, or who perform any act against morality or good customs.

  12. The acquirer / user / buyer / assistant / spectator / visitor or other analogue, undertakes not to sell, resell and / or transfer the tickets they have acquired. The event organizer does not recognize in any way the validity of said transmission and consequently may deny access to the venue due to these circumstances. In the event that the purchaser / buyer / user cannot attend the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference” and wishes to donate their ticket, they can only transfer them through the procedure of change of ownership, and prior approval of the event organizer, and always and when it is carried out with at least 05 business days at the beginning of the event or 30 calendar days before the start of the event in the exclusive cases of tickets that are accompanied by the respective accommodation and / or food.

  13. Change of Ownership.- The buyer / acquirer / user who has purchased through this Website or through its channels and points established therein, may not change their ownership, except in cases where they cannot attend the event for justifiable reasons, prior approval of the organizer, and as long as it is done within 05 business days to the initiation of the same or 30 calendar days in the exclusive cases of tickets that include accommodation and food. To do this, you must send an email to info@amorconsciencia.com within the indicated deadlines, attaching to it the Ticket or proof of purchase and the indication of the person attending the event. Subsequently, the organization will forward the steps to continue.

  14. Suspension and / or cancellation of the event.- Once the ticket has been acquired, there will be no right of withdrawal, as the organization has already begun the execution of the acts necessary for the congress. Once the “The Love & Consciousness Conference” event has started, there will be no right to return, refund or refund the amounts of the tickets purchased; nor, in cases where it is suspended or canceled for reasons beyond production or for extraordinary or weather conditions. If the suspension and / or cancellation of the congress is due to cause attributable to the organization, WE ARE LOVE S.L. undertakes to pay the entrance fee to the purchaser / buyer / user who has purchased it. For such payment, the buyer must request it within 30 calendar days to the email info@amosconsciencia.com, attaching to it the entry and the proof of purchase. Subsequently, the organization will communicate the form and procedure for payment.

  15. Right of compensation.- Without prejudice to the foregoing, any acquirer / buyer / user who, having attended the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference” does not feel that the benefits indicated in the purchase ticket have been fulfilled or that they were defective, you can request compensation from the company organization within one month of the end of the indicated event. For this purpose, the organization will assess this claim, and if it is considered founded, it will notify the purchaser / buyer / user of the compensation method.

  16. Jurisdictional Jurisdiction.- In case of disagreement, the parties to the present contract of sale for the event “The Love & Consciousness Conference”, are subject to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Courts of the domicile of the buyer / acquirer / user. In case of being an entrepreneur or legal entity who acquires them, the Judges and Courts of the city of Barcelona will be competent.

  17. Protection of personal data.- In compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to treatment of personal data and the free circulation of these data, and following the recommendations and instructions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, it is informed that the personal data requested and provided by you will be incorporated into a file privately owned by responsibility of WE ARE LOVE SL For this purpose, it is necessary to tell you that only those data necessary to adequately provide the requested services will be requested, and it may be necessary to collect contact data from third parties, such as legal representatives, tutors or, dependents designated by them. All the data collected by this company have the commitment of confidentiality, with the security measures established by law, and under no circumstances will they be transferred or processed by third parties, natural or legal, without the prior consent of the buyer / purchaser / user of the present contract or the corresponding legal guardian or representative, except for those cases in which it is essential for the correct provision of the service. Once the event "The Love & Consciousness Conference" is over, your data will be archived and kept, for a minimum period of three years, after which it will remain archived or otherwise will be returned in full to the purchaser / buyer / user of this contract. The data provided will be included in the file called: "Ticket Buyer" The Love & Consciousness Conference ", for the purpose of managing the contracted service, issuing invoices, contact; as well as all the related steps for the execution of the event before indicated. For this purpose, with the acquisition and / or purchase of the entrance to the event "The Love & Consciousness Conference" you express your consent for the processing of your data and acknowledge in this act to be informed about the exercise of your rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition to the processing of your data, for which you must inform this organization through a document signed by you, along with your identity document sent to the registered office of this company designated in the heading of this instrument .

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